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Stop by and check out a book at the JSA library! Books can be enjoyed for two weeks. Here are a few reminders about using the library:

  • You may renew books as long as they are not on hold for someone else
  • You must bring the book back to the library to renew
  • Your class has a regularly scheduled library day and time
  • Please remember to bring your books back on that day, so that others can enjoy them and you can check out new books
  • In our library, we do not charge fines for late books. However, we do charge for book damages. These may include replacing the book
  • If you have an overdue book and cannot find it, it is your responsibility to replace the book or pay for it
  • If you find the book later, the money you paid will be returned to you

Please return the book, because the barcode contains essential information we need when repairing or replacing the book.

As always, we look forward to seeing you in the library!

Library resources

Iowa AEA Online: online articles and databases
Cedar Rapids Public Library: CRCSD students may use their student ID as a library card

Key contacts

Staci Novak

Teacher Librarian/Tech Integrationist

Michelle Niccolls

Media Secretary